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Smartex event will take place from the 11th to the 14th of may 2017 at the "Forum de beyrouth", AIMS will participate in that event. Meet us on booth F28

December 2016: AIMS is proud to announce the launching of Socrate Health, a new module targeting the health industry

Septembre 2016: Socrate ERP web include a complete service center management module

May 2016: Aims enforce its partnership in France with the AFPI organization and the launching of Aims France

April 2016: Socrate B2B is now fully operational for a big telecom operator making this product a clear success

November 2015: AIMS in now in 30 countries with a stronger influence in West Africa including local presence in Ghana

In 2016 Socrate platinum now installed in 30 countries worldwide, with a stronger presence in Europe, west Africa, and Asia.

In 2015 AIMS introduced its hosting / leasing services expanding in the cloud

Aims' Launching of Socrate End User application 2014

Aims' Launching of Socrate Mobile application 2013

In 2013, Socrate ERP Solution is now implemented in 22 countries

Aims' participation at Project Qatar 2011

The launching of a complementary product Socrate Web 2011

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