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AIMS Commited to support the community in silicon Hill Project 2010
A sunny day in Rmeich South Lebanon, brought many professionals, academics and community active members, last Saturday, 25th of September 2010, for the inauguration of Silicon Hill project. This event was organized by General Francois El Hage foundation, CCO (NGO), E-spaces and USEK with the collaboration of the municipality of Rmeich.

Silicon Hill is a community based project aiming to create job opportunities in Rmeich, in order to stop the leakage of brain assets from the South. This will be the 1st IT center for outsourcing and programming in the extreme south of Lebanon. It will enable IT companies to invest in a local operation based on  local resources at a low cost.

AIMS SAL contribution was in building the capacity of a team of 10 programmers who is now ready to provide qualified coding services.

The presence of AIMS in this event, represented by its GM, Mr. Rodrigue Zablith was a push to make this event    a success. AIMS vision to help in improving the community was highlighted by the announcement made by Mr. Zablith to outsource part of the companies production to Silicon Hill.