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Customers Testimonials
Georgio Rocks Limited
As a growing organization, we felt that we needed a business package that could grow with us. With AIMS's software solutions, we are able to choose what modules we need.

AIMS ERP solution has aided the flow of internal business processes and allowed for communication between all our business departments and its internal functions and data. This has allowed our organization to get an immediate picture of its real-time operations: production, inventory, order processing, etc.

The layout is professional looking, user-friendly and makes work stress-free. This has helped us stay organized and efficiently collaborate.
Manual data entry has reduced drastically, customizability of the software greatly assisted in making our vision of a higher level of productivity, specialization & automation an achievable reality.
To AIMS and all that it represents we say thank you, your skills, knowledge and innovation allowed us to achieve synergy.


Henry Ohikhena

  Georgio Rocks