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Customers Testimonials
Naggiar Trading S.A.L.

Dear Sirs,

In 1990, when we decided to embark into a technological upgrade of our company, Naggiar, and after a thorough search of the market, we selected the Socrate® software developed by AIMS.

In our ERP, Socrate® initially supported our accounting system. Nowadays, Socrate® is implemented throughout our entire business processes, i.e. procurement,, stock management, planning, production, etc., besides accounting. The  AIMS team provides us with a high level of personalized services.

After 25 years of dealing with AIMS, we may state thattheir committed team is fully dedicated to go with us the extra mile towards our business success story.

We wish to thank AIMS’s entire team for these long years of cooperation and we look forward to many more years to come of shared success.

Kind regards,

Farid Naggiar | Managing Director  

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