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Socrate Mobile ERP Solution
Service Center

With Socrate Service Center module you will be able to enhance the performance of your field technicians and increase customer satisfaction.
The system will allow you to track your field technician's force.
Moreover, the system will provide your technicians with an online task list which will streamline field service.Even if they are disconnected from the office systems, they will have in hand all the information they need to do the job required regardless of their location.
It also provides secure mobile access to Socrate Service Center System.

Main Features:
Enable GPS Tracking of your field technicians.
Allows tracking of job resources(equipment and tools).
Allows uploading and generating Job Orders from your mobile device.
Allows uploading selected customers and item's list on your mobile device.
Provides easy-to-user electronic forms for job orders.
Eliminates tiresome paperwork.
Keeps a log for jobs and time spent on each task.

  Socrate Service Center