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Socrate Platinum ERP Solution

Socrate Platinum provides a powerful workflow system that allows the user designing and monitoring the route that a specific document will follow within the company. From the moment a document is created until it is archived, the software will notify people concerned that a document has reached their inbox to be reviewed and/or approved. No need to circulate a hard copy within the company. This powerful module will be another significant step towards achieving a genuine paperless office system.

Main Features:
Each Document can have multiple workflows.
Each workflow is user defined.
Each document is tracked within a specific workflow.
Users can electronically approve a document.
Comments and notifications are logged automatically and input at each level.
Automatic notification of users involved in a document Requested action can be defined from each user.
History of actions and comments per user per document.
Documents are automatically shifted from draft to final stage upon approval.
Can be implemented and integrated within all Socrate documents:
HR documents: CV, Job offers, Job termination, etc.
Procurement: Purchase request, Purchase order, etc.
Sales: RFQ, Sales quotations, sales orders, etc.
AP/AR: debit / credit notes, payment and receipt vouchers, etc.
Manufacturing: Production order, Consumption vouchers, etc.
Contracting: BOQ, Quotes, Requisition vouchers, etc.
Service center management: Customer Calls, Job orders, escalating a request.
As well as any other document managed by Socrate.