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Socrate Platinum ERP Solution

The manufacturing module provides an easy integration with other Socrate Platinum Series 6 modules namely the inventory control and procurement modules.
It supports the entire range of production strategies (standard and non-standard productions), as well as production levels. It holds accurate planning capabilities through its MRP (Material Requirement Planning) system ensuring by this the on-time delivery of customer orders.

Main Features:
Integrates the cost of raw material, semi - finished products, labor and cost of equipment.
Updates automatically the inventory of raw material and semi-finished during the manufacturing steps.
Provides multi-level, bill of quantities including raw material, semi-finished product, service & expenses items such as labor which reduces un-necessary overheads.
Manages item configuration allowing the users to update or create an accurate database of manufactured products.
Plans and schedules MRP systems.
Calculates automatically the production cost.
Generates recommendations for purchases and productions when necessary, based on customers orders.
Provides customized planning through system parameters that can be changed upon demand and updates automatically the work in progress, accounts and cost accounting.