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Socrate Platinum ERP Solution
Inventory, procurement and sales

The Inventory, Sales and Procurement module covers all possible features a business might need to manage its inventories, sales, procurement, and analysis related to these. Socrate Platinum Series 6 inventory feature suggests to the user a simple and yet integrated approach to manage commercial transactions.
In case you are looking for a powerful and simple system to manage your inventories, sales, purchases, quotations, orders and invoices, manage routing or recurrent sales, handle your front desk operations, as well as many other useful features you will find in Socrate Platinum series 6 the proper tools to assist you in executing these tasks in the most comprehensive and simple way.

Socrate Platinum Series 6 Inventory includes the following modules:
Inventory control & invoicing
Point of sales

Key Benefits
Centralized management of all sales operations & procurements.
Accurate handling of inventory items, movements, transactions, etc.
Total integration with Socrate Platinum Series 6 finance modules.
Increases the efficiency of all sales channels.
Boosts sales revenue through accurate quoting, pricing and order generation.
Exhaustive statistical reports, charts and graphs.
Gain of an enterprise view of sales.

Common Facilities
All transactions are supported by the following facilities:
Wizards and user friendly tools that help shifting from one document to another.
Unlimited number of characters in a narration field for each transaction.
Dictionary that supports bilingual narration.
Void facility for each document.

All Reports are supported by the following features:
Can be printed at any value date.
Can be previewed on screen, printed, e-mailed or exported to another format (excel, word, etc.)
Can have one or many user defined templates.
Can be easily customized.
Can be generated using Excel or any other reporting facility.
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