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Socrate Platinum ERP Solution

Socrate Platinum Series 6 is the state of the art in enterprise solution. Being developed using the most recent programming tools and having an SQL database engine, Socrate Platinum Series 6 is an up-to-date tool offering managers the control and improvement of their critical business processes.

Fully Integrated:
Features and modules are fully integrated together. A transaction posted in one module will automatically generate transactions into other modules. With such shortcuts, redundancy of work is eliminated and data becomes more accurate, easier to control and manage. Primary Processing Documents (PPD) provides a unique source for data entry. Each PPD generates its own statistics and analysis results.

Covers most of the activity of each department providing a comprehensive enterprise solution.

Its modular structure as well as its customization facilities provide each site with a powerful and scalable ERP solution. Customization can be done on the level of the screen design, report generation as well as data content and structure.

Socrate Platinum Series 6 interacts also with the Web and internet as well as other software using 32bits Windows technology. Import/Export and synchronization facilities are also available. Reports can be directly e-mailed to destination. New reports can be designed using Excel, Access, MS Outlook, etc.

General Specifications:
SQL 2008 Server.
Multi company.
Multi site.
Multi currency.
Multi user.
Multi language.
User friendly.
Context sensitive help.
Complete electronic documentation.
Easy customization.
On-line update.
High level of security.
Powerful report generators.
Connection to (Excel, Word, Outlook, etc.).