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Socrate Platinum ERP Solution
HR and Payroll

Socrate Platinum provides a complete and flexible tool to manage all payrolls and personnel related activities ranging from salary, daily reports, overtime, time sheets... It holds a powerful calculation engine to provide an easy way to compute payroll, prints pay slips, checks and generate accounting entries.

Main Features:
Allows a mass update of tax deductions, tax and exemption dates.
Calculates automatically overtimes, deductions, advances on salaries, taxes, etc...
Economizes time through the copy and paste function for the creation of employee cards.
Manages an unlimited number of payroll plans and pay procedures which can handle all arithmetical and logical operations.
Holds an archiving data system for the current as well as previous years with the possibility of an instant retrieval from the archive.
Prints pay slips and check forms.
Posts all payroll transactions and integrates them into the general ledger.
Provides a tool to customize daily reports, payroll plans, pay slips and cheques.
Data Entry of cost allocation per job.
Posting based on cost allocated to each job.

HR and Payroll