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Socrate Platinum ERP Solution
CRM Pre-Sales

Socrate Platinum offers an efficient tool to organize, automate, and synchronize business processes related to pre-sales activities. A record is logged for each prospective client. In this record the user will manage a list of opportunities. Each opportunity will be tracked until completed. This module is fully integrated with other Socrate modules. It shares the products' catalogues, as well as contacts databases. In case an opportunity leads to a sale, the prospect is converted to a customer, the opportunity is converted to an invoice and the accounting books are immediately updated.
A to-do list is available for the users of this module, in order to allow them to follow-up each opportunity.

Main Features:
Manages leads, prospects and clients.
Manages opportunities.
Manages campaigns.
Manages multiple categories of activities (visits, offers, RFQ, sales orders...).
Keeps records of all activities during the pre-sales job.
Displays a To-Do List.
Up to 99 levels of priority.
Electronic archiving system of documents.
CRM Pre-Sales