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Socrate Platinum ERP Solution

Socrate provides the user a tool to manage the employees ' attendance of the company. It allows the planning and scheduling of employees attendance, the record of their real attendance, the comparison of their schedule v/s their real attendance. Discrepancies are submitted to the management and can be automatically imported into the payroll.

Main Features:

Scheduling and Planning.
Unlimited number of shifts.
Unlimited number of segment within a shift.
Segment can be extended overnights.
User defined Schemas describing employee attendance.
Bridge with Human Resources modules and workflow.
Planner is available on line.
Print Shifts and employees planned schedule.
Employee Log records.
Connect to any reader machine (magnetic badge, finger prints reader, etc.).
Historical records are archived.
Printout of daily presence.
Variation Planned v/s real by employee, shift or segment.
Printout of summaries (total days absence, number, overtime, etc.).
Bridge to Payroll.
Discrepancies between planned and effective are submitted for validation.
If approved, data is automatically exported to payroll.
Web Interface.