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Socrate Platinum ERP Solution
Assets Management

For companies having a consistent number of assets that you would like to manage, the assets management module allows you to enter transactions on these companies and manage the purchase, sales, inventory, and depreciation of assets:
IT creates a database on the fixed assets of a company. This database includes information on each fixed asset of the company including the purchase dates, amounts, and depreciation rates as well as other "user defined" information. Transactions related to these assets like purchase request, purchase orders, Sales are also managed by this module.

General Specifications:
Unlimited number of assets.  
User defined database on fixed assets (supplier, purchase date).  
Handle Purchase Request, Request for Quotation, Purchase Quotation, Quotation Comparison and Purchase Orders of fixed assets.
Track pending transactions.  
Create a cost center for each Purchase Order.  
Purchase and Sales of fixed assets. Assets Management  
Transfer of Fixed Assets Between Company's departments.  
Disposal of Fixed Assets.  
Purchase and sales ledgers.  
Fixed assets values.  
Fixed assets ledger.  
Automatic depreciation entries with linear and digressive methods.  
Repairs and services on fixed assets.  
VAT and tax management (optional).