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Products Overview
Socrate 7 | Socrate Platinum | Socrate Web | Socrate Mobile

  Socrate 7
  Throughout the end of the previous century, and in a more and more competitive market, where productivity and performance become a must, Aims has been providing hundreds of sites in the middle east, Europe and Africa, with business solutions.
Whether you are a small or big institution, looking for just an accounting package, or a complete ERP system, you will find in our range of products and modules, the solution that will best fit your needs, and provide you with a powerful, yet user-friendly solution to streamline your business applications. If you are looking for a simple performing and economical solution, you can find your need in Socrate 7. This release is the simple and powerful solution for an integrated accounting, finance, costing, inventory, sales, production and contracting software.


  Socrate Platinum
  If you are looking for a more powerful solution, an ERP package that can integrate in one environment the needs of different departments in your company, then Socrate Platinum is your solution. It can handle hundreds of users, and thousands of daily transactions in a fully secured client/server environment, and in a modular way. Socrate Platinum is the most suitable solution for large organizations looking for one single ERP platform where versatile applications such as Finance, Inventory, Procurement, Sales, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Production, Contracting, Point of Sales and Payroll etc... Can interconnect seamlessly and transparently. Socrate Platinum


  Socrate Web
  If you are looking for a web based ERP solution, Socrate Web is your solution. It is a complete web-based accounting and business management solution. This release can be used as a complementary solution to Socrate Platinum (windows based solution). Socrate Web


  Socrate Sales Force System
  If you are looking for a mobile solution which can be integrated to your ERP solution, Socrate Sales Force System is the best choice for your business. It will allow you to streamline your distribution cycle and enhance the performance of your sales team. Socrate Sales Force System is the most easy-to-use solution for distribution companies who need to track and monitor their deliveries and sales force. Mobile