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Socrate Major ERP Solution

The access control module provides the software with a high level of security, protecting the data and functions. Only users, who have the right to, can access and modify any information or a report of the system. Each user can customize his set of preferences (languages, password, font, department, company, currency, etc.).

Main Features:
Unlimited number of users.
Security schemes depending on the user’s level (up to 99) with exception facilities.
Different security schemes are available for each function, group of companies, company, account, cost center, period.
Available access modes: “Read, modify, create, delete, print”.

Activity Register
The system keeps track of the activities processed by the users of the software providing the system administrator with a complete audit trail. "Who has done what, when and where" can be queried from the system at any moment.

Main Features:
Keep track of all operations processed by the users.
Query on activity register with multiple selection criteria.
Archive the activity information on a removable media.
  Major Security