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Socrate Major ERP Solution
Production & Contracting

The production module computes cost of production by integrating the cost of raw material, semi-finished products, labor and cost of equipment. It also updates the stock of semi-finished products and raw material during the production steps. A detailed MRP(Material Requirement Planning) assists the user in planning the production and the purchase of raw material in order to schedule and ensure the delivery of the customer's order.

Main Features:
Management of standard and non-standard production.
Unlimited number of production levels.
Detailed bill of quantities including raw material: semi-finished product service & expenses items.
Assembling and misassembling products.
Production forecast and MRP system.
Automatic inventory update of raw material and semi-finished products.
Production cost.
Automatic update of work in progress, accounts and cost accounting.

Project Management
A project is defined as a set of jobs or tasks. The bill of quantities leads to a detailed cost estimate and assists the user to establish a detailed budget for the project in process. It follows up the real cost of each task and compares this cost with the budget established at the beginning of the project. It also compares the bill of quantities and the material used for each task.

Main Features:
Management of unlimited levels of jobs.
Detailed technical data sheet for each task.
Resource allocation.
Bill of quantities including tasks, material, equipment and labor.
Cost estimate per job and per project.
Automatic inventory update of material.
Automatic update of work in progress account.
Wizard to assist in total and partial closing and billing of a project.
Revenue recognition.
Budget v/s realized per job.
Bill of quantities v/s material used per job.

Production and Contracting