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Socrate Major ERP Solution
Other Modules

A memo is recorded for each document or transaction. A copy of this memo can be dropped into a set of files. Memos can be sorted depending on a set of criteria. Each user is assigned a mailbox protected by his own password. Each memo can be sent to one or many users of the software. A to do list is available for each user or file.

Main Features:
Multiple categories of memos (visits, offers, requests, job orders, etc.).
Multiple files referenced by each memo.
Multiple search criteria for memos.
Daily recall of memos to "follow up".
Internal mailing.
Up to 99 levels of priority.
Automatic link to other scanned documents, or software in Excel, Word.
Electronic archiving system of documents on CD/Rom, hard disk with search, retrieve and print functions of origin documents.

Payroll & Personal Management
The payroll and personnel management module creates databases for the employees of the company. It computes payroll, prints pay slips, checks and generates accounting entries. Queries on the employees' files are available.

Main Features:
Up to 99 group of employees.
Unlimited number of departments for each group.
Customized pay data and procedures for each group.
Pay procedures can handle all arithmetical and logical operations.
Archiving system for multiple years.
On-line retrieval of data from the archive.
User defined pay slips and cheque forms.
Integration to the accounting system.

Multi-Site Management
This module is especially designed for transmitting and integrating documents between different systems managed by Socrate software allowing a distributed data entry and control system.

Main Features:
Transmits data by internet, intranet or a removable media.
Assigns priority to the receiver or the sender of the data.
Manages the documents selection by date or number.