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Socrate Major ERP Solution
General & Cost Accounting

This module provides a complete cost accounting tool including a complete set of operations. The general and the cost accounting are combined on the same documents.

Main Features:
User defined chart of accounts.
Bi-dimensional accounting system.
One or two local currencies + one foreign currency for each account.
Automatic conversion to any other currency with "historically" & "at date of" methods.
Consolidation of up to 99 companies.
Consolidation of accounts per cost centers and files.
Account's reconcilement and aging.
Journal voucher.
Debit and credit notes.
Payment and receipt vouchers.
Management of multiple types of payment documents (bills, bank transfers, cheques, etc.).
Inventory of bills, cheques, etc.
Automatic difference of exchange.
Automatic end of period closing and prepaid expenses.
Purchase and sales invoices.
Payable & receivable accounts.
Position, movement and aging trial balance.
General ledger and statement of account.
Multiple journal ledgers.
Balance sheet.
Profit and loss statement.
User defined financial statement.
VAT and tax management (optional).
Assets ledger and depreciation entry.

Assets Management
Socrate creates a database on the fixed assets of a company. This database includes information on each fixed asset including the purchase dates, amounts and depreciation rates as well as other user defined information.

Main Features:
User defined database on fixed assets (supplier, purchase date).
Orders of fixed assets.
Purchase and sales of fixed assets.
Purchase and sales ledgers.
Inventory per fixed asset and per department.
Fixed assets values.
Fixed assets ledger.
Automatic depreciation entries with linear and digressive methods.
Maintenance agreements on fixed assets.
Repairs and services on fixed assets.
VAT and tax management (optional).

Interest Computation
This module computes and integrates interests on accounts. Each entry in the accounting system is assigned a value date. Complete information is also available for each account (debtor interest rate, creditor interest rate, maximum credit allowed, penalties, etc.).

Main Features:
Different interest schemes that can be defined for each period.
Automatic interest computation available for all accounts.
Statement of account by value date.

This module controls and follows up the budget of the company. It generates reports on "budget v/s actual" per account or cost center.

Main Features:
Multiple budgets for the same period (optimistic, pessimistic, etc.).
Periodical and due date multi-currency budget.
Consolidation of up to 99 companies & consolidation per file or cost center.
Budget v/s actual per account or cost center.
Budget wizard to assist the user in developing new budgets.

Cash Forecast & Maturity Dates
This module records and follows up the maturity dates of each payable and receivable amount. Listings of amounts to pay or collect are available depending on multiple selection criteria. The software generates charts of the cash forecast by integrating the actual cash and the future payable and receivable amounts.

Main Features:
Management of maturity dates on payables and receivables.
Reports on maturities per file, job or date.
Cash-flow charts and forecasts.
Inter-currency conversions.
Interest calculation including financial expenses and interest.
Automatic printing of bills.
Tracking of each collection and payment document.
Recall of unpaid maturity mailing list.