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Socrate Junior ERP Solution
Junior Inventory

It manages purchases, sales, inventories and all subsequent operations for one warehouse. Each transaction updates the reports of the warehouse, the points of sales, and the accounts.

Main Features:
Management of service items (out of inventory).
Flexible alphanumeric coding of items including barcode system.
Multiple "commercial presentations" of an item including packages, colors and sizes,
Multiple substitutes per item.
Potential suppliers and customers for each item.
Delivery voucher.
Purchase and sales invoices.
Packing list.
Commission on sales, per item, agent and customer.
Wizard to shift from delivery voucher to invoices including merging and partial invoicing.
Powerful multi-currency on-line invoicing including:
  • Control of discounts and credit limits.
  • Posting into maturity.
  • Printout of bills in case of credit facilities.
User defined procedures to compute periodical minimum and maximum levels. Junior Inventory Module
Price lists depending on customer's class and date.
Stock value according to different prices (sales, real cost, standard cost, etc.).
Stock ledger.
User defined database for inventory items.
Integration with accounting.
Sales forecast per item, agent, customer or point of sales.
Statistics, reports and graphs on sales and profit margins: (item-wise, group-wise, customer-wise, area-wise, salesman-wise and supplier-wise).
Powerful report generators.
VAT and tax management (optional).