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Socrate Junior ERP Solution
HR Enterprise

For other than payroll procedures, Socrate Platinum provides an easy way to manage activities related to the employees of the company, from the moment an employee submit his c.v. until his departure from the company, the software manages all related transactions.
Of course, all this is integrated to Payroll, Budget, and other ERP Modules.

Main Features:
Allows recording the budget of each department in terms of human resources, required skills, as well as budgeted salary...
Comparison of required HR v/s Available HR.  
Data Base of Applicants, with facility showing who can fit a specific position.
Complete set of HR transactions including:
Passport receipt forms.
Social security claims and Refund.
Transportation allowance.
Work accidents.
Request for Absence.
Medical claims and Refund.
Employment confirmation.
Return from Holiday.
Request for Holiday.
End of Service.
Employment offer.
Temporary workers.
Approval form.
Foreigners Medical Refund.
Salary Bank Transfer.
Family Allowance.
Treatment offer.
Absence days.
  HR Entreprise
User defined posting method.
Each Transaction can post figures in the payroll.