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Socrate Junior ERP Solution
The Basis

Socrate Junior manages One Company under One group. This group holds the warehouses, points of sales, cost centers, cash and bank accounts which are allocated to the department.

Up to 99 independent companies per group.
Up to 99 departments per company.
Up to 99 departments for each department.

Files & Cost Centers
It sets the basis of the filing system of Socrate. Each contact, company, project, asset is assigned a file in a category holding a set of parameters. Sorting facilities retrieves and selects lists of files. Each file is the container of transactions recorded by other modules (accounting entries, orders, memos, invoices, etc.).

Main Features
Up to 99 different categories of files.
Complete data for each category of file.
Optional user defined database for each category of files.
Indexes and sorting.
Telephone/Fax & e-mail directories.
Mailing facilities.
Consolidated data per file (memos, sales ledger, accounting balances, etc.).

Currency log-file
The management of currency log-file empowers Socrate to handle multi-currency operations with on-line conversion facilities.

Main Features:
Management in up to 50 foreign currencies with one or two local currencies.
Daily register of currency rates.
Printout of variation tables and charts.
Second local currency and one original currency.
Historical conversion of reports.
Conversion at rate.