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Compare ERP Packages
General | Files | Finance | Inventory | HR | Multi-site management | Additional Modules


    Junior Major Platinum
Compare General Database server X base (dbf).  
  Database server SQL 2000/2005.    
  Automatic Scheduling of backup.    
  Automatic Scheduling of database  Maintenances.    
  Require an on site administrator.    
  Attachment feature (you can attach any document to the transaction.).    
  OLAP tool enabled.    
  Customization of reports.
  Customization of data entry screens.    
  Publishing of data on the web.    
  Socrate Explorer.    
  2 dates/transaction: transaction date & value  date.    
  Document status & workflow.    
  Historical conversion.  
  At rate conversion.  
Compare Files Group of Files.  
  Class of files.  
  Personalized database.  
  Double cost center.    
Compare Finance Inter currency account.  
  Secondary chart of account matching of accounts.  
  Grouping of statement of accounts.  
  Journal code.  
  Analytical section.  
  Transfer of accounts.  
  Inter-company payment/receipt vouchers.    
  Allocation of interest for late payments.    
Compare Inventory Sale prices depending on customer.  
  Stock variation.  
  Aging of stock.  
  Virtual inventory.  
  Minimum & maximum quantity in stock.  
  Store issue voucher for consumption.    
  Request for quotation.    
  Requisition voucher.    
  Accounting info for folders.  
Compare HR

Complete datasheet on applicants and  employees.

  Required resources vs. actual resources.    
  Document Management (Holiday, absence, Sick leave, etc.).    

Compare Multi-site Management

Online connection.
  Replication of data.    
compare Additional Modules Maintenance module.    
  Call center module.