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Business Overview
Company Mission and Vision

Since 1987, Aims is providing its customers with ERP software, and key solutions in merging their business applications onto one single computerized platform.

Aims offer integrated Enterprise Resource Planning, and supports businesses with software package solutions, transforming information and data into actionable business intelligence.

For key decision-makers, it means more and better ways to acquire, protect, develop, and retain growth at every opportunity.

We service customer's staff with complete training sessions and personal support on the use and implementation of the software. The company's good reputation helped in maintaining long term relationships with our clients.

It is our commitment to place the right solution in the right place in every occasion. Our professional IT consultants are what make it all possible.

Company Mission & Vision

Short-term: Aims plans to increase sales of its products by adding new features to its software and services, and by expanding its sales and marketing force. The company also plans to expand its practices into the Gulf, and North African markets.

Long-term: Aims plans to develop new versions of its products and to acquire related products in order to broaden its customer base. The company is constantly working on the development of new products, which offering improved features to meet market needs.

Target Market

Upper medium and large size companies of the Middle Eastern and North African countries.

 As of June 30, 2013 Aims has more than 2100 sites and 8000 users.

International revenue accounted for approximately 50 percent of Aims total revenue for the quarter ending November 2007.